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 Freely available graphics

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PostSubject: Freely available graphics   Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:46 am

Here are a few resource sites I've had bookmarked for a while:

This one has a handful of full sprites, some of which are owned characters and available only as cameos, others are available for NPC use (the posts specify allowed use). The artist has also already deconstructed sprites to offer clothing components to make your own sprites with; look for "outfits and skins" on the link bar to the right. One page specifies the outfits as open source (with credit), but the other does not, so it's a little ambiguous. The artist has not updated in some time, but has responded to comments as recently as 2011.

I've followed Sithjester's sporadic updates for a long time, for inspiration's sake. She has a large number of character, some based on some original, many based on popular characters from other media (movies, anime, other games, etc.). She also has some tilesets and other graphics. She has recently updated the home page to reflect that her resources are now free for any use (with credit), and gives permission to use as bases (always give credit, right? Right.).
(Be sure to click the button in the upper right for English.)

The famous Mack graphics (officially REFMAP, but they are generally referred to as Mack), which have been updated for RMVX (they were originally for RM2k/2k3). They are increasingly appearing in VX games, especially character sets. They are free for any use, but there are more detailed guidelines on the site itself--i.e., no redistribution, give credit (have I said this enough yet?), etc. Be sure to read and follow the complete license agreement.

I wish I'd downloaded the Naramura resources years ago, because the site's down again (maybe he grew tired of seeing his wonderful battler art used and reused all over the place). Most of them have been saved in other places on the Internet, but you'll have to search them out yourself, because I never was sure of the permissions involved.
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Freely available graphics
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