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 Lyra's Melody

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PostSubject: Lyra's Melody   Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:06 pm

This is not exactly a review, since this is only a twenty minute demo for an incomplete project. It's just easier to put things here that I want you to play.


RM version: XP

Overview: This whole thing is an overview. Didn't I say it's only twenty minutes? tongue Anyway! Very high production value; original music, very pretty mapping, good spritework. Very slick overall. The developer, Reives/Kan Gao, focuses a lot on atmosphere in his games, and does it well.

There are some passibility issues, but those are being fixed; it's only a demo, after all. This game is apparently going to be mini-game/puzzle focused, and there's one mini-game in this demo. The character art is clearly unfinished, so that shouldn't be held against it.

The only things I don't like are that 1) instead of facesets showing with dialogue, there's large, almost-full character art, like in that Sacred Garden game, which I find really obtrusive, and 2) there's a sort of wide-screen effect going on, with the top and bottom of the screen blacked out, so your field of vision is narrower when you're moving around the screen. It's a nice effect for cutscenes, I think, but I find it hampers exploration to have it all the time.
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Lyra's Melody
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