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 Ara Fell 2k3

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PostSubject: Ara Fell 2k3   Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:44 pm

RM version: 2k3

When you're on the website, make sure you're looking at the right game; there is a new version of Ara Fell being developed on RMXP that isn't finished yet.

Pros: Good storyline, engaging main character. Mapping is not only well-done but beautiful; there's a lot of decoration, but it adds to the atmosphere of the game. Lots of freedom to explore. Custom side view battle system with animated sprites (that are not the really crappy default rm2k3 battlers, which you have not had the misfortune to see yet). Different facesets to show expression. Consistent graphics; no ripped graphics.

Cons: Switching weapons mid-battle is neat, but uses up a turn. In certain areas it wasn't clear where to go next. Some music files (mp3) caused game-breaking lag, and I had to convert and replace them (music is mostly rips, but well-used). Further installments of game never made. Smile The custom menu is a little buggy, and I just don't like it.

Special features: Story mode option; avoid regular battles and automatically win boss battles (I think that's how it works; I haven't played this mode), so you are free to explore and advance the story. Ability to switch between melee and ranged attack in battle. Swimming, jumping, and crawling. In certain areas, the main character can transform into a bird to get to hard to reach places. Custom menu.

Why I think you should play this game:

Because everyone should. Game starts out with mini-sidequests in the starting town, like what I mentioned on your story synopsis (mostly fetch quests, but it encourages exploring the town and talking to everyone, and gives the main character some resources to start out with). Other than that, there wasn't anything I specifically wanted to turn your attention to. But it is a fun game, with lot of opportunities to explore, which I know you like. The characters are also quite good, and the main character's personality is reminiscent of Lina Inverse, so I think you also may enjoy that part, as well. But at a minimum, I'd like you to play through the beginning and look at those beginning quests.
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Ara Fell 2k3
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